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Small spaces: Romance (well, sort of)

Maia liked small spaces. They were...comforting. Fitting. Appropriate.

She wasn't a small girl, particularly, at least not physically. Perhaps it was, after all, her way of putting things in balance - the small spaces she preferred to spend time in being her way of taking up less space in the world, since she always felt her body took up too much space.

Elaine didn't think so, of course. Elaine thought that Maia was just right - strong and beautiful and oh so very much hers...and she let Maia know it with approving smiles and soft murmured words of love and sometimes with a terribly disappointed look when Maia somehow fell short of her expectations, sharpening into a harsh tone when Maia tried to apologize.

"You aren't allowed to criticize yourself, my girl. Only I have that right. That's what it means to be mine."

"Yes, my Lady."

In the sprawling vastness of Elaine's house, there were the small spaces that Maia made her own: a postage-stamp of a bedroom, just enough space for a twin bed and a desk, with a little closet off to the side. A bathroom with no tub - just a toilet and sink and shower crammed together. The old Civic hatchback that Maia was entrusted with the keys to, that she might run errands for the household on her own initiative. The tiny kitchen, Maia's domain, where she prepared meals for the household and brought them to the spacious dining room. Sometimes she was even permitted to sit there and eat, but she was never comfortable there -she knew her place, after all, the small spaces that were meant for her.

There were other girls, even boys, that served in the household. They were all piled into one big room to sleep, an anonymous jumble. They all knew that Maia was Elaine's favorite, to be allowed such a privilege as her own room and the keys to a car.

And Maia knew it, too, and was secure and content in the knowledge that her Lady trusted her and approved of her. She had no desire to be the Lady - she was the Lady's first girl, and that would always be enough for her.
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