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The League of Random Writers

27th February, 2006. 12:21 am. The Missing Sky: Poem/Song(alexander)

Sorry, I FORGOT D: So it's BAD and LATE.

The Missing SkyCollapse )

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20th February, 2006. 2:00 pm.(cheshire23)

This week's title is "The Missing Sky."

Comment for a genre! :)

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19th February, 2006. 11:55 pm. SMALL SPACES: "Fantasy"(alexander)

AN: I'm writing this in the journal and have 5 minutes. WISH ME LUCK.

Small SpacesCollapse )

Short, crappy, but done :p


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19th February, 2006. 10:24 pm. Small spaces: Romance (well, sort of)(cheshire23)

WARNING: lesbian BDSM content, though more implied than explicit - warned just in case that totally squicks you out.Collapse )

Current mood: accomplished.

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19th February, 2006. 8:14 pm. Small Spaces: Mystery(erture)

This is a bit of a stretch, genre-wise...Collapse )

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13th February, 2006. 12:03 pm.(cheshire23)

This week's title is "Small Spaces."

Comment if you want to play. :)

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12th February, 2006. 11:31 pm. Red Glare - Genre: Fairy/Folk Tale(alexander)

Red Glare

Author's Notes: This has more grammatical issues than a monkey. And my head is exploding as I type. Forgive the incoherency and stupidity. And I cheated. It's a retelling of a fairy tale. So…blah. And Nanner.

readCollapse )

Current mood: disappointed.

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12th February, 2006. 10:35 pm. Red Glare - Genre: Horror (this is also Amber fanfiction)(cheshire23)

Rated R - WARNINGS: self-injury, incestCollapse )

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13th February, 2006. 2:23 am. Red Glare: Romance (sort of)(eschatologies)

Well, I am a bit nervous about posting this, but whatever. Not my best attempt, but I'm kind of sick. Here goes nothing! Oh, and thanks, Sam, for the beta!

Red GlareCollapse )

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12th February, 2006. 11:53 am. Red Glare: Humor/Satire(erture)

My first attempt at writing anything in this genre. Have fun!

No offense meant to airport security, pilots, old women, children, or those with unpronounceable last namesCollapse )

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