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The League of Random Writers

Enjoy Your Assignments!

League of Random Writers
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Welcome to the League of Random Writers!

The inspiration for this community came from the Rochester, NY Writer's Club, and their methods of assigning stories are similar to the ones that will be used here.

Here's how it works:

Every week, a title will be selected from the random list of titles.

Each person who comments "Yes" to the selected title will be assigned a genre, and is challenged to write a story with that title, in that genre, by the end of the week. Alternatively, the writer may write an autobiographical narrative using that title.

The genre list:

- Biography (interpret this as you see fit)
- Drama/Tearjerker
- Fairy Tale/Folk Tale
- Horror
- Humor/Satire
- Mystery
- Play/Dialogue
- Poem/Song
- Romance
- Science Fiction/Fantasy

Fanfiction IS allowed, if it fits the appropriate genre, but please try to make it a story that would be interesting even to those who don't follow the fandom in question. Also, combining genres is allowed, as long as at least one is the genre you've been assigned - it's perfectly OK to have a play that is also a mystery, a fairy tale written as a poem, or a science-fiction romance.

Please post your work behind an lj-cut. If your work could be considered to have a rating of R or NC-17, please indicate the rating and the reason for the rating either before the cut or in the cut text. Thank you.

The community maintainer is cheshire23 - feel free to contact her with questions.